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Datalogic QS6-USBKIT Barcode Scanner

Datalogic QS6000 Plus - USB Kit. 1D Laser. Includes USB cable. Color: Gray

Full specifications (PDF)

Features an unprecedented combination: the performance and design of a high-end POS scanner and an affordable price.
The QS6000 Plus handheld scanner offers great performance at a very affordable price. With a high first pass read rate and the best speed-to-read of any scanner in its class, the QS6000 Plus speeds retail checkout. and its 13" (33 cm) depth of field with 100% UPC labels extends the users working range. With a high visibility option, utilizing a 650nm laser diode, the user can target and read barcodes even in bright light conditions due to the scanners inherent tolerance of high ambient light conditions. Plus, Datalogic's advanced electronics perform well even when reading low contrast labels with poor edge definition. Each unit ships with one user's guide.

Full specifications (PDF)

Brand Datalogic
Model QS6000 Plus
Scanner Type Laser
Scanner Capability 1D
Recommended Accessories for Model: Datalogic QS6000 Plus Barcode Scanner


  • Accessories (39)
Recommended Accessories for Model: Datalogic QS6000 Plus Barcode Scanner


Datalogic (5-0788)
Holster, Universal, BK
Datalogic (8-0734-08)
Low Speed Assembly Cable - Type A Male - 12 ft.
Datalogic (8-0738-17)
Keyboard wedge Cable - mini-DIN (PS/2) - 11 ft.
Datalogic (8-0742-01)
Undecoded Coiled Cable - DB-9 Female - 8 ft.
Datalogic (8-0742-06)
12FT Cable Undecoded 8PIN QS1000/6000-Magellan AUX PT
Datalogic (8-0742-18)
Cable (12 feet, DB-9SQZ, Undecoded, Coiled and) for the QuickScan 6000 Plus
Datalogic (8-0464-01)
Unicable for the QS1000, QS6000 and PowerScan to IBM 46XX Port 9B and Port E
Datalogic (8-0736-01)
Cable, 8 ft, 25-pin Female, RS-232 cable, for QS100/6000/PowerScan, Requires power supply
Datalogic (8-0737-11)
Cable, Datalogic Magellan 9500, RJ45 Male Serial, AUX Port, 12 ft.
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Datalogic (8-0738-01)
Cable assembly, 12 ft, Keyboard wedge, 5/6-pin Din, IBM, AT / PS/2, POT, E/P
Datalogic (7-0204)
Auto Sense Stand
Datalogic (8-0424-15)
QS6000 Head cable, 12 ft, Universal Keyboard wedge, DB-25, External power
Datalogic (8-0481-06)
Cable for QS6000/DUET/VS800 Scanners, 12 feet, IBM USB, Bus Power
Datalogic (8-0742-05)
Cable, 20 ft, Undecoded, 9-pin, D-Sub, Coiled
Datalogic (8-0424-06)
Keyboard wedge direct connect cable, 12 ft., PS/2 (for use with laptops)
Datalogic (8-0481-08)
USB POT Cable - Type A Male - 12 ft.
Datalogic (8-0481-08-B)
USB cable, 12 ft. straight, black. For QS6000, QS6500, QS2500, PS7000, MG1000i series.
Datalogic (CWWY371-PF-R)
Cable for QS6000 Plus, Keyboard wedge, DB-25
Datalogic (8-0424-03)
Keyboard wedge POT Cable - DIN Male - mini-DIN (PS/2) Male - 11 ft.
Datalogic (R44-2671)
Users Guide (Included with Each Unit) for the QS6000
Datalogic (R44-2805)
Universal Keyboard Programmer's Guide (for the QuickScan6000 and PowerScan)
Datalogic (8-0423-39)
Cable, 8 ft, 9-pin Female, RS-232 cable, for QS1000/6000/PowerScan, Requires power supply
Datalogic (4004-0794)
120V US power supply, Wall mount, for QS6/PowerScan/VS800/Duet
Datalogic (R44-1530)
User's guide (one included free with each scanner)
Datalogic (R44-1540)
QuickScan 6000 Plus Programming Guide
Datalogic (R44-2021)
Universal Keyboard wedge Programmers Guide
Datalogic (8-0423-54)
Cable for Falcon/PowerScan/QS1000/QS6000 Plus, 25 feet, RS-232, 9 Pin-D, External Power, Meijer
Datalogic (8-0424-10)
11Feet Cable 8Pin RJ/Pot F/IBM 317X 318X 319X/Powerscan/QS1000/6000
Datalogic (CWI3476)
Keyboard wedge Extension Cable - Data Transfer Cable for Keyboard
Datalogic (7-0470)
Autosense Stand (No Base Provided) for the QuickScan 6000
Datalogic (7-0571)
AutoSense Stand (Hardmount, ICL Kit, Gray) for the QuickScan 6000 Plus
Datalogic (7-0828)
AutoSense Scanner Stand - Black
Datalogic (CWAMCSE)
Keyboard wedge Cable for the QS6000
Datalogic (8-0419-01)
Undecoded Cable - D-Sub Female - 8 ft.
Datalogic (4004-0705)
Power supply, wall-mount, with US power cord. Backordered, see replacement Part Number.
Datalogic (8-0423-80)
RS-232 cable, DB9 with external power jack. Power supply not included. See (Part# 4004-0705) (wall plug) or (Part# 4004-0710) (desktop style with AC line cord).
Datalogic (8-0423-47)
Cable, 12 ft, 9-pin D, RS-232, Terminal at Pin 9, for PowerScan/QS1000/6000
Datalogic (6-0348)
Reflective Label for Auto-Sense Stand for the 6000 Series
Datalogic (7-0393)
Mountable Tabletop Stand

The Datalogic QS6-USBKIT is also known as Data Logic QS6-USBKIT or QS6USBKIT .