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Datalogic PSSR-8000 Barcode Scanner

Datalogic PowerScan - Standard range, USB interface. Order cables and power supply separately. See accessories.
Designed from the ground up to meet the demands of industrial users.

The PowerScan family of handheld laser barcode scanners has been specifically designed "from the ground up" to meet the demands of industrial users. In this tough environment, the right tool makes all the difference. With a PowerScan scanner on the job, you'll have one of the toughest, most reliable tools around. Each unit ships with one user's guide.

Full specifications (PDF)

Recommended Accessories for Model: Datalogic PowerScan Scanner
Datalogic PowerScan Accessories (7-0404)
Accessory for Datalogic PowerScan Barcode scanners, Industrial Take-up Reel.
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Datalogic (90ACC1963)
Cable Adapter (for the PowerScan)
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Datalogic (8-0742-51)
12 feet, Undecoded, 8 Pin Fisher POT, for the PowerScan/QuickScan1K and QuickScan 6K
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Datalogic (8-0740-09)
Cable, 8 ft, Wand emulation, Power-Off terminal, Black, for the PowerScan, QS1K, QS6K and LXE
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Datalogic (8-0738-01)
Cable assembly, 12 ft, Keyboard wedge, 5/6-pin Din, IBM, AT / PS/2, POT, E/P
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The Datalogic PSSR-8000 is also known as Data Logic PSSR-8000 or PSSR8000 .