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Datalogic MG10-2020-101-201 Barcode Scanner

Datalogic Magellan 1000i - Keyboard wedge 5/6 Din, EZ Kit, Target mode, IBM AT / PS/2 cable, Stand, Color: Black
Omnidirectional Imaging

The Magellan 1000i is an Omnidirectional Imaging Scanner designed for "small-counter" retail environments. This new imaging technology improves checkout productivity by allowing users to scan barcodes in any orientation with a sweeping motion or a presentation style of scanning. The ergonomic design and small size allow for either hands-free scanning for small items or for use as a handheld scanner for large items. To optimize scan time, the tilting stand allows individual users to adjust the scanner to a comfortable scanning position. Additionally, the omnidirectional imaging technology of the Magellan 1000i eliminates misreads and quickly scans hard-to-read and damaged barcodes.

Full specifications (PDF)

Recommended Accessories for Model: Datalogic Magellan 1000i Scanner
Datalogic (8-0736-02)
8' coiled DB-25 RS-232 cable. Requires external power supply, not included.
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Datalogic (8-0671-01)
11' PS/2 & AT cable
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Datalogic (11-0160)
DL Scan 9" Flex Gooseneck Stand for Magellan 1000i, Gray
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Datalogic (11-0143)
DL Scan 9" Flex Gooseneck Stand for Magellan 1000i, Black
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Datalogic (11-0117)
Gray Fixed Mounting Plate (for the Magellan 1000i)
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The Datalogic MG10-2020-101-201 is also known as Data Logic PSC-MG102020101201 or MG102020101201 .