Datalogic DSM0492-WA Fixed Barcode Scanner

Datalogic DSM04XX - DSMO4XX Fixed Mounted 2D imager barcode scanner. Imager Sensor: MP 1280 x 960 pixels, Field of view: 52H x 40V, Interface: RJ-45
Recommended TrueSupport Coverage (/mo.)
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Datalogic DSM04XX Fixed Barcode Scanner Model Overview
The DSM04XX Fixed Scan Module offers high performance fixed position scanning in a compact form factor for a wide range of industries such as, Healthcare, Retail and Manufacturing. Available in WVGA and Megapixel models with different Field of View and Depth of Field. The Wide-Angle model is particularly useful for embedded applications where space is at a premium. With interface options of USB, RS-232, or both the DSM04XX Fixed Scan Module provides simple electrical and mechanical integration for system designers. A RUGGED CONSTRUCTION with high impact resin that is resistant to cleanings solvents and disinfectant solutions make this scanner ideal for lab testing equipment, self-checkout or access control. The included mounting hardware allows mounting from all sides of the device at any angle. For integrators who must support multiple platforms and applications the DSM04XX Fixed Scan Module is the solution you need.
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The Datalogic DSM0492-WA Fixed Barcode Scanner is also known as DTL-DSM0492WA or DSM0492WA.