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Datalogic 985110080

Datalogic VLASE IR 20 - Laser Marker, Datalogic VLASE IR 20, VLASE 1209-1343, 20W DPSS Marker, IR at 1064nm, F160S-M39, Windows 10

Full specifications (PDF)

Datalogic's VLASE 20 is a high peak power Diode Pumped Solid State marker with IR emission. Ideal for applications in automotive and electronics, such as coating removal and paint stripping for night and day application. With 20W average output power VLASE 20 is suitable for various in automotive and industrial electronics industry where high peak power is needed. VLASE 20 is available with detachable 3 meters fiber delivery cable, compact resonator and various f-theta lenses for various resolutions and marking areas. Datalogic's VLASE 20 is a DPSS LASER MARKERS @ 1064 NM that features high peak power, short pulse Infrared laser markers available in 10, 15 and 20W power level.

Full specifications (PDF)

Brand Datalogic
Model VLASE IR 20

The Datalogic 985110080 is also known as Data Logic 985110080 .