Datalogic Joya Touch Mobile Computer

Multi-Purpose Device for Retail Datalogic Joya Touch - The Joya Touch by Datalogic is the multi-purpose device for use throughout retail, optimizing your ROI. With handheld and pistol-grip options available, retailers can deploy device configurations to match their applications. Changing from one form to the other is quick and easy with the Joya Touch. This device comes with several innovative features such as the industry's first wireless charging technology eliminating maintenance and cleaning of contacts on the device and cradles, fast charging mode and Datalogic SoftSpot technology for an easy-to-use soft trigger. Packed with technology, this device supports Beacons for hyper-localized content, promotions and location sensing. This unique handheld device can connect a wide range of wireless peripheral devices such as mobile payment readers, headsets and printers. Joya Touch can be personalized by the user in several ways: by changing the color of the upper case and battery cover or even changing the front logo.
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Datalogic Joya Touch Mobile Computer Options

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  • Power Device (8)
  • Mobile Computer Accessories (35)
  • Mobile Handheld Computer (1)
  • Power Device Accessories (1)
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Recommended Accessories for Model: Datalogic Joya Touch Mobile Computer

Power Device

Datalogic 91ACC0049 Power Device
Cradle, Datalogic Skorpiox5 / Memor 1 / Memor 20 / Joya Touch, 3-Slot Cradle/Dock Power Jumper to connect a second 3-slot cradle/dock to a single power supply, 5 Pieces
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Datalogic 91ACC0048 Power Device
Power Supply, Datalogic SkorpioX5/Memor 1/Joya Touch, 3-Slot Cradle/Dock and Single Slot Dock, Requires Line Cord (for 3-slot powers up to 2 docks in Standard Charge mode and 1 dock in Fast Charge mode)
In Stock
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Mobile Computer Accessories

Datalogic 94A051968 Accessory
Cable, Datalogic RIDA DBT6400, From Micro USB (device or dock) to USB, Client, 2 Meters, Straight Cable
In Stock
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Datalogic 91ACC0085 Spare Parts
Boot, Datalogic Joya Touch Pistol Grip, Rubber (for WEC7 models and A6 models)
In Stock
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Datalogic 91ACC0055 Battery
Battery, Datalogic Memor1/JoyaTouch Handheld, Rechargeable, 3.7 V DC, 3000 mAh, Lithium Ion (Li-Ion), 1 Piece
In Stock
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Datalogic 91ACC0072 Spare Parts
Cradle, Datalogic Joya Touch Single Slot, Locking, Light Grey, Requires a PS (91ACC0048) and Line Cord
In Stock
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Datalogic 91ACC0050 Spare Parts
Cradle, Datalogic Memor 1/Joya Touch A6 Retail 3-Slot Cradle Wall Bracket, Supports both Mounting Orientations
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Mobile Handheld Computer

Datalogic 911350023 Mobile Computer
HAndheld, 80211 a/b/g/n CCX v4, MP 2D Imager w/ Green Spot, Full Touch, WEC7, 512 MB RAM/512 MB Flash, Grey/Red. Interface Cables And Charging Cradle Sold Separately.

Power Device Accessories

General Software

Datalogic 94ACC0179 Software
Software, Datalogic SH15 Blackline, SOTI MobiControl On Premise, Perpetual License, Available Only For Government New-Business Customers Or Existing Customer Expansion, Requires Maintenance, PC Configuration, One Time Charge Does Not Include Support, Minimum Quantity For New Instances Is 10 Licenses, Minimum Quantity For Add-On To An Existing Instance Is 5 Licenses, SKU: ZSSOTISTDMTC
In Stock
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Datalogic 918101230 Software
General Software, Datalogic, Queue-Busting Application (fee per store, unlimited devices), Not available in SEA Region
In Stock
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