Datalogic 320 & 325 Accessories

Cradles, Cables, Batteries, & Power Supplies
320 & 325 Accessories
Datalogic Accessories (95A101027)
TN Client (F3X5, 4 in 1) for PSC
Ships in 3-5 Days
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PSC (11-0084)
Single-slot battery charger with power supply
Datalogic (00-981-015)
Falcon 31x/32x Four-Slot Dock No Power supply
Ships in 3-5 Days
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PSC (00-884-32)
Serial (9 & 25 pin) cradle to host communications cable
PSC (00-863-01)
Single-slot battery charger, with power supply
PSC (R44-2314)
User's guide
PSC (R44-2278)
Manual, Advanced User'S Guide, Falcon
PSC (95A251009)
Single-slot battery charger, Nimh/NICD, 110V. Includes US power supply.
Datalogic (95A201007)
NiMH battery pack, high capacity.
PSC (95A051048)
Serial cable for the Falcon dock
Datalogic (890500268)
Strap (Individual) for the F31X and F32X
Datalogic (8-0577-19)
Cable Assembly (8 feet, POT, RS, 10RJ, P, PS) to the F32X
Datalogic (5-2389)
NiMH battery
Datalogic (00-980-006)
Single-slot dock for USB/RS-232 for Falcon 31X/32X
PSC (00-980-005)
Single-slot cradle. Order power supply/AC adapter separately

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