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Datacard 718360

Datacard - Card, Plastic, CR80/030, PVC Composite, White, Tray, Pack of 500.

The most basic cards are made of 100% PVC, of the size and thickness of credit cards and ATM cards with which we are all familiar. These cards can be manufactured in white or any color under the rainbow. They are cut out of large plastic sheets and left as thin wafers, or they can be made into sandwiches, encapsulating proximity wires. "Smart" (microprocessor or memory) chips or magnetic stripes may be embedded into or adhered to the card surface.-For direct-to-card printing, the optimal surface texture is smooth, glossy and dirt- and debris-free. Datacard media is non-returnable. Please Call for details.

Brand Datacard
Model Plastic ID Cards

The Datacard 718360 is also known as Data Card DCD-718360 .