D-Link xStack DGS-3400 Series

High performance switching

The xStack DGS-3400 Series by D-Link comes with high-performance, managed, stackable Layer 2+ switches that provide ideal network solutions for workgroups and edge deployments. D-Link Single IP Management (SIM) allows network administrators to cluster a virtual stack of up to 32 DGS-3400 Series dispersed switches through a single IP address. The clustering environment spans buildings, making it perfect for businesses that require multiple building deployment. The xStack DGS-3400 Series also supports physical stacking of up to 12 units in a stack, so that the entire stack can act as a single logical unit with up to 40Gbps of stacking backplane.
xStack DGS-3400 Series Options
D-Link xStack DGS-3400 Series (DGS-3450)
XStack 48-Port Gig L2 Switch
D-Link xStack DGS-3400 Series (DGS-3427)
XStack 24-Port Gig L2 Switch
D-Link xStack DGS-3400 Seriess (DGS-3426P)
XStack 24-Port Gig L2 PoE