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CradlePoint engineers and manufactures docking cradles, cellular routers, and software platforms that facilitate secure mobile computing in the Web 2.0 world. From docking cradles for use with handheld terminals to sophisticated mobile enterprise routers, the company leverages telephony, Ethernet, and mobile broadband to make Internet access portable, simple, and robust. CradlePoint's unique WiPipe technology provides access and traffic management to improve the security and quality of the online mobile experience and to support new revenue streams for network providers.

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CradlePoint MBR1400 Data Networking Device

CradlePoint MBR1400

CradlePoint's Mission-Critical Broadband Router (MBR1400 takes the power and flexibility of our industry leading router, and when combined with an active high-speed wireless broadband data connection, gets your business network online in no time....

CradlePoint MBR95 Data Networking Device

CradlePoint MBR95

The Wireless 4G/3G Router (MBR95) is the next generation of router technology from CradlePoint. Secure, powerful, and configurable, the MBR95"s most impressive feature is its ability to use 4G/3G USB Modems to create instant networks anywhere there...

CradlePoint Parts

CradlePoint Parts

Products and parts from CradlePoint.

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CradlePoint AER3100 Wireless Router

CradlePoint AER3100

Cradlepoint's AER3100 is the industry's most robust cellular WAN management application system, and is the only 4G LTE networking platform to offer dual-modem multi-carrier support and Unified Threat Management (UTM) capabilities to meet the growing...

$1,350.00 to $1,650.00

CradlePoint MBR1200 - Discontinued.

CradlePoint CBA750 - Discontinued.

CradlePoint CBR400 - Discontinued.

CradlePoint CBR450 - Discontinued.

CradlePoint CTR500 - Discontinued.

CradlePoint CTR35 - Discontinued.

CradlePoint MC100E-SP - Discontinued.

CradlePoint MC100E-VZ - Discontinued.

CradlePoint MC100W - Discontinued.