Computer Instruments e-IVR Prescription Refill

The Computer Instruments e-IVR Prescription Refill has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

Patient convenience and overhead cost control are critical in today's health care industry. e-IVR Prescription Refill is a self-service automated prescription refill application. It enables a patient to arrange for a refill and a pick-up time, on their own schedule (24/7), by simply entering a prescription number and following the prompts. They can also check the status of a previously requested refill. Performance is not limited to refill service. The system can be used to announce pharmacy hours and locations, as well as other information. The caller may wish to transfer directly to the pharmacy staff. Physicians can use the system to dial in and leave a refill authorization or message for the pharmacy staff. e-IVR Prescription Refill just what the doctor ordered. As always, self-service, efficiency and convenience are at the core of all our applications.
e-IVR Prescription Refill Options
Computer Instruments e-IVR Prescription Refill (1322-PREF)
E-IVR Prescription Refill allows a patient to call 24/7, from any touchtone phone, to request a prescription refill and schedule a pick-up time