Computer Instruments e-IVR Absentee Notification

The Computer Instruments e-IVR Absentee Notification has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

Since attendance rates are a consideration in their funding, schools are embracing innovative, cost-effective ways of communicating with parents to boost attendance. Parent awareness is critical in this regard. Limited staff and resources require labor-free and cost effective measures. e-IVR Absentee Notification is an automated, self-service application that will either place calls or send email messages (the parent's choice) to the parents of absentee students. Phone numbers or email addresses are designated by the parent (residence or workplace, etc.). Proactively, parents can call into the system or visit the school's Web site to check on the attendance of their children. e-IVR Absentee Notification sometimes what you don't know really can hurt you. When made aware (when they know their kids are skipping school) parents can help keep them there. As always, self-service, efficiency and convenience are at the core of all our applications.
e-IVR Absentee Notification Options
Computer Instruments e-IVR Absentee Notification (1322-ABSN)
E-IVR Fusion ED Absentee Notification System, (Absentee Notification system will place calls or send email messages to the homes of all students that are absent on a given day. Parents can visit the schools Web site or call into the system, enter their home telephone number and check to see if one or more or their children were counted absent.)