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CognitiveTPG Barcode Label Printer and Receipt Printer

The CognitiveTPG brands are leading providers of on-demand barcode and transaction printers to the retail, healthcare, manufacturing, service, and financial sectors worldwide. For over 35 years, the CognitiveTPG brands have provided their customers with compact, economical and ultra-reliable printing solutions that have significant returns on investment.

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CognitiveTPG Barcode Label CognitiveTPG Barcode Label
CognitiveTPG Barcode Label Printer CognitiveTPG Barcode Label Printer

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CognitiveTPG M320 Portable Printer

CognitiveTPG M320

CognitiveTPG's M320 mobile printer prints high quality direct thermal labels and receipts from your smart phone or tablet. Rugged, lightweight and ergonomically designed, the M320 printer enables you to wirelessly print on-demand using Bluetooth or...

$366.40 to $463.00

CognitiveTPG DLXi Barcode Label Printer

CognitiveTPG DLXi

Robust and rugged are the hallmarks of the Blaster and Advantage line of thermal label printers. CognitiveTPG is carrying on this tradition with the introduction of its latest desktop thermal label printer, the DLXi. The DLXi combines legendary...

$373.00 to $596.80

CognitiveTPG Advantage LX Barcode Label Printer

CognitiveTPG Advantage LX

Advantage LX printers are tough enough for industrial environments. Specified to print more than 5,000 labels per day, per printer, the rugged metal print mechanism is built to withstand the rigors of warehouses, conveyor lines, manufacturing...

$381.60 to $715.30

CognitiveTPG Cxi Barcode Label Printer

CognitiveTPG Cxi

The CognitiveTPG Cxi is a rugged and reliable all-metal printer mechanism that prints continuously featuring a die-cast metal user interface to withstand harsh environments. The Cxi uses menu driven LCD controls for easy set up without a computer....

$598.60 to $718.90

CognitiveTPG  Label Label

CognitiveTPG Label

Call for a full selection of thermal transfer and direct thermal barcode labels for your CognitiveTPG printer.

$14.60 to $538.90

CognitiveTPG  Receipt Paper Receipt Paper

CognitiveTPG Receipt Paper

Paper for CognitiveTPG receipt printers.


CognitiveTPG  Ribbon Ribbon

CognitiveTPG Ribbon

Call for a full selection of wax or resin thermal transfer ribbons for your CognitiveTPG printer.

$17.00 to $456.50

CognitiveTPG Accessories

$43.50 to $139.40

CognitiveTPG Parts

Products and parts from CognitiveTPG.

$27.10 to $156.80

CognitiveTPG A799II - Discontinued.

CognitiveTPG A760 - Discontinued.

CognitiveTPG A776 - Discontinued.

CognitiveTPG A798 - Discontinued.

CognitiveTPG A799 - Discontinued. Replaced by the CognitiveTPG A799II

CognitiveTPG B780 - Discontinued.

CognitiveTPG Advantage DLX - Discontinued. Replaced by the CognitiveTPG DLXi

CognitiveTPG A776II - Discontinued.

CognitiveTPG A798II - Discontinued.

CognitiveTPG Ci - Discontinued. Replaced by the CognitiveTPG Cxi

CognitiveTPG EZ-LP - Discontinued.

CognitiveTPG CRx - Discontinued. Replaced by the CognitiveTPG Cxi

CognitiveTPG Advantage RFID - Discontinued.