Citel Accessories

Citel (H-SIPG1-RUC12)
12 Port Session Initiation Protocol, Handset Gateway
Citel Accessory (H-SIP3PY-RUC12)
Portico (TVAP/12 Port/2FXO)
Citel Accessory (H-SIP3AZ-RUC24)
Portico TVA A/24 Port (1 FXO - 24 Port)
Citel Accessory (H-SIP3AY-RUC24)
Portico (TVA A/24-Port/2 FXO 24-Port Analog TVA)
Citel Accessory (H-SIP3AY-RUC12)
Portico (TVA A/12-Port, 12-Port Analog, TVA and 2FXO)
Citel (E-3000-CNM)
Nortel ISDN Switch Card
Citel (D-0645-CLM)
4 port Card, D-A Recording Interface for MCK Logo
Citel (A-P120VAC-1)
120V Power supply for 1000 & 3000 Extenders
Citel (A-MWALL-12E)
Wall Mount Sleeve for Modules
Citel (A-FANREPLC-002)
Fan Replacement Kit, 24-Port Unit, Gateway and 7000 Remote Units
Citel (A-FANREPLC-001)
Fan Replacement Kit, 6 and 12 Port 6000 Gateway and Remote Units
Citel (500-5049-007)
Display, 2 inch Text, 29 inches Long, 115VT - MCK ACD Wall Display
Citel (500-2170-000)
Module Extender Kit for Norstar
Citel (500-1730-001)
Expandable Digital-to-Analog Convertor Power Distribution Panel, Universal DTI, Display: 2 inch Text, 29 inches Long
Citel (300-3030-002)
Module Extender Kit for Norstar

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