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Citel Telecommunications Products

Citel is The VoIP Migration Company. Citel develops the world's most comprehensive portfolio of network-edge products enabling enterprises to realize the cost and productivity benefits of IP telephony, while leveraging existing telecom and datacom investments. Founded in 1995 in Nottingham, UK as a developer of computer telephony integration (CTI) applications, the company has grown over the last decade to become a global leader in the design and manufacture of IP telephony migration solutions.
Citel EXTender 1000

Citel EXTender 1000

The EXTender 1000+ for Analog is a single-user customer premise equipment that provides off-site employees with the full features of their PBX-KTS over Analog lines (POTS). Remote users using the EXTender 1000+ connect their computers and telephone...

Citel EXTender 4100

Citel EXTender 4100

Citels EXTender 4100 series enables teleworkers and small branch offices with the same telephony features and applications as corporate office staff.

Citel Accessories

Citel Parts

Products and parts from Citel.

Citel EXTender 4000 - Discontinued.

Citel EXTender 6000 - Discontinued.

Citel EXTender 7000 - Discontinued.

Citel CITELlink - Discontinued.

Citel EDAC 4WR Card - Avaya - Discontinued.

Citel EDAC Base Unit - Discontinued.

Citel EXTender 3000 - Discontinued.

Citel EXTender PBXgateway II - Discontinued.

Citel EXTender PBXgateway - Discontinued.

Citel MCK D-A Recording - Discontinued.

Citel Module Extender - Discontinued.

Citel TVAD - Discontinued.

Citel Cable - Discontinued.

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