Cisco VC220 Surveillance Camera

The Cisco VC220 has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

Integrate alarms, door sensors, motion detectors, and other business systems into your video solution

Designed for the unique needs of small businesses, the Cisco VC220 is a flexible, unobtrusive video surveillance solution that delivers premium camera features and outstanding video quality at an affordable price. This indoor camera functions effectively day and night, with a wide dynamic range (WDR) that allows you to use a single camera with high video quality output for many lighting situations. It integrates easily with your business network to provide local and remote video surveillance. As part of a complete IP network solution, the Cisco VC220 can help your business see more ways to improve operations, safety, and security.
VC220 Options
Cisco VC220 (VC220-K9)
Dome WDR D/N PoE Network Camera