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CipherLab RFID Reader

CipherLab 8300 RFID RFID Reader

CipherLab 8300 RFID

The CipherLab 8300 Series is built tough and works hard through the longest shifts so you can get more done in less time for less money. Yet it's ergonomically designed for shift-long comfort and safety. With both optical scanning and RFID, you're...


CipherLab 1861 RFID Reader

CipherLab 1861

Designed for warehouse operations, logistic centers, manufacturing plants and retail operations, the CipherLab 1861 is a handheld RFID reader which addresses the growing demand for ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID applications. The 1861 allows users...


CipherLab 1862 RFID Reader

CipherLab 1862

The 1862 series handheld RFID reader gives you extended RFID reading and writing capabilities via Bluetooth pairing with user's existing mobile devices. Enabling to read tags up to 5 m (16.5 ft.) away and simultaneously capture various EPC Gen 2...