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Zebra (CSR2C-SW00-L)
ID Card Software
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Zebra (CSR2C-SW00-E)
ID Card Software
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AlphaCard (CE-USB1)
ID Card Software
ID Suite Software Secure USB Key -For use with AlphaCard ID Suite only and must be accompanied by a License Key and Activation Code (not stand alone) -Can only be used with Standard, Professional and Elite Editions of AlphaCard ID Suite -Contains the full value of the Software -Cannot be replaced if damaged, lost or stolen
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ID Card SoftwareAlphaCard
Hourly Charge for additional assistance & training for AlphaCare support
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ID Card SoftwareAlphaCard
AlphaGuard Custom Watermark Key-Grid Please note: Custom AlphaGuard is only for PC computers, and does not work with Mac OS.
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ID Card Software
AlphaGuard Custom Watermark Key-Full Card. Please note: Custom AlphaGuard is only for PC computers, and does not work with Mac OS.
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ID Card SoftwareAlphaCard
Software Secure USB Key
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AlphaCard (ACIS-SVRS11)
ID Card SoftwareAlphaCard
ID Suite Server Standard v.11
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AlphaCard (ACIS-SVRP11)
ID Card SoftwareAlphaCard
ID Suite Server Professional v.11
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AlphaCard (ACIS-SVRE11)
ID Card SoftwareAlphaCard
ID Suite Server Elite v.11
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AlphaCard (ACIS-PS11)
ID Card Software
ID Suite Print Server v.11
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AlphaCard (ACIS-PM11)
ID Card Software
ID Suite Print Server Manager v.11
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AlphaCard ID Suite Elite v1.0 (ACIS-E11)
ID Card SoftwareAlphaCard ID Suite Elite v1.0
ID Suite Elite Edition, Single User which includes AlphaCare Support. The AlphaCard ID Suite Elite v11 is top-of-the-line ID card software solution for large-scale organizations and business operating across multiple sites. Provides users with the tools they need to produce professional and secure ID cards. A solution for centralized data management and provides sophisticated features such as advanced field formatting, ODBC/OLE DB connectivity, password protection, user authorization, digital key encryption and watermarks. Can integrate with digital ID cameras, scanners, signature pads and other external devices. Has versatile tools including custom drop down lists, batch record updates, and the ability to import records from external databases or scanned ID cards, including drivers licenses. Compatible with all PVC card printers. Not currently supported on Tablets or Surfaces. Please call with questions regarding compatibility with any hardware platforms not mentioned.
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AlphaCard (ACIS-B11)
ID Card Software
ID Suite Basic v.11, single license for use on 1 computer. For PC computers.
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AlphaCard (ACBB-Standard)
ID Card SoftwareAlphaCard
ID Builder Standard Card Designer Software(requires secure USB Key)
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Have questions about ID Card Software? We have answers!

Can the software print photos and barcodes on the ID card?
Most card design software supports photo and barcode printing. However, the support for cameras and types of barcodes will vary with each application. We can help make sure you choose the software that meets whatever printing requirements you have.
How do I encode a magnetic stripe or Smartcard chip?
Encoding of any type must be supported by the software as well as the printer that you choose. If encoding is supported, it is a simple step to select the encoding option in the application and inputting the data you want on the card.
What encoding options do I have for my card?
Magnetic Stripe: This type of card is capable of storing data on a band of magnetic material. The magnetic stripe (also known as swipe card or magstripe) is read by physical contact when swiped past a magnetic reading head.

Contact Smart Card: A contact area of approximately .15 sq in. comprised of several gold-plated contact pads are embedded onto the card. These provide electrical connectivity when touched to or inserted into a reader.

Contactless Smart Card: These contain a re-writeable smart card microchip that can process and store data. They communicate with a terminal via radio waves with a read range of up to around 5 in.

Gen 2 UHF RFID: RFID Cards store data that can be read through radio waves at wider read ranges (typically 3 to 10 ft.), allow multiple card reads at the same time and are extremely secure.
Do I need lamination for my ID Cards?
Lamination on an ID Card printer can provide the following benefits:
  • Security: Lamination provides an extra layer of security for your ID Card, by reducing the possibility of counterfeit cards and eliminating any tampering with the information contained in the card.
  • Durability: Lamination provides extra durability for standard ID Cards. Purchasing a printer with a laminating option is ideal for cards in harsh conditions/environments and situations where continual use provides excessive wear and tear on the cards.
  • Cost savings: Although printers with laminating capabilities can have a larger upfront cost, they yield significant cost savings down the road due to the elimination of security incidents and reduction of replacement card printing.
What database support is there available in ID card software?
Database support varies from one application to the next but it falls into one of the following categories:
  • Database Connectivity: This option refers to the function in the software that can pull data from an external database to populate various fields in the design of the cards. If you already had a database of employee names and departments, you could automate your card printing process by pulling the needed data from a database into the card design software.
  • Internal Database: Applications that have an internal database keep a record of every card designed with all the needed data fields, including photos. This allows for easy reprinting of cards, finding specific records, as well as reporting on all your records.
  • External Database: This function is the same as an internal database but uses an external database that may be shared with access control or attendance programs. This keeps all your data in a single location that multiple applications can access. This function is best for systems that need to integrate with other security systems.
Can my ID card software track the usage of cards in my facility?
Yes, but this is not a standard feature of all design applications. Most design applications will keep track of all the cards you have created but not the actual usage of them. There are dedicated applications to help manage and track all the ID cards you have in your facility as well as design and print them. We can help you choose the best fit application based on your needs for printing and tracking.
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The most important component of a card printing program is the ID Card Printer itself. The level of complexity of the ID Card Printer and card design changes based on your product choices. You can choose from a broad range of single or dual sided color card printers with options that range from wired and wireless network connectivity, smart card and magnetic stripe encoding, to lamination for higher security and card durability. There is an ID Card Printer to meet your business needs