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Brecknell MB2610 Scale
Brecknell MB2610 Scale

Brecknell MB2610 Scale

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Durable, Accurate, and Designed for Speed.

The Brecknell MB2610 has 3 beam direct reading, magnetic damping, durable metal construction, and a ground agate plane for improved accuracy and longer operational life. Three pre-calibrated attachment weights are included to extend the weighing range with a maximum capacity of 2610 grams and without weights, the maximum capacity is 610 grams. The MB2610 is suitable for many applications where accurate and quick weighing is essential.

The Brecknell MB2610 is also known as the Brecknell Scales MB2610

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Brecknell MB2610 (816965000937)
Mechanical Triple Beam Balance - 2610 g x 0.1 g
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