Bosch VIP 10S 2010 Network/IP Video Server

The Bosch VIP 10S 2010 has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

The VIP 10S 2010, MPEG-4 Dual-stream Encoder, features S-VHS quality MPEG-4 video at up to 30 fps and two-way audio over IP networks supporting NTSC and PAL.

The Bosch VIP 10S 2010 is a dual channel encoder/decoder capable of producing DVD like quality MPEG-4 at up to 30 FPS over IP networks (Multicast and Internet streaming). Its versatile features include storage efficient dual streaming, ultra compact design, alarm inputs and relay outputs and high quality MPEG-4. It is capable of running IVMD intelligent video analytics and compatible with both PAL and NTSC. It also extends its features by offering support for VIDOS video management software

The Bosch VIP 10S 2010 is also known as the Bosch VIP 10S 2010

VIP 10S 2010 Options
Bosch VIP 10S 2010 (VIP 10S 2010)
MPEG-4 Dual Stream Transmitter Audio (Serial Interface and Alarm)