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Bosch DR216125 Surveillance DVR

Bosch DESA XL - 16 Channel, 120 IPS, 250GB, Rackmount, Looping and DVD-RW
Records an amazing 120-240 frames per second!

The Bosch DESA XL is a Windows XP Professional PC-based digital recorder that produces an amazing 120-240 frames per second, with average file sizes of 3-6KB per image. The DESA XL has 8 or 16 video inputs with independently adjustable frame rate settings. The DESA XL also features an alarm input and an auxiliary output for each video input.

Full specifications (PDF)

Full specifications (PDF)

Brand Bosch
Channels 16
Frame Rate 120 fps
Size 250
Features DVD recorder

The Bosch DR216125 is also known as BOS-DR216125 .