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Bosch LTC 2915/91 CCTV Security Monitor
Bosch LTC 2915/91 CCTV Security Monitor
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Bosch LTC 2915/91 CCTV Security Monitor

The Bosch LTC 2915/91 has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

A high-quality 15" color monitor.

The Bosch LTC 2915/91 is a high performance, high resolution color display monitor which includes a comprehensive lineup of professional features, offering maximum flexibility for a wide variety of applications. This monitor incorporates a 39 cm (15 inch) (diagonally-measured) CRT which, together with a specially designed comb filter circuit, delivers outstanding color reproduction and picture clarity with more than 700 TV lines of resolution. Adjustment of display parameters are made via user friendly on-screen menus, offering a choice of default or customized settings selectable in seven languages. The LTC 2915/91 includes two loop-through composite video inputs, using BNC connectors with auto termination, and one set of loop-through Y/C connectors for S-video signals. Single line level audio is also available for composite video A input and composite B or Y/C input.

The Bosch LTC 2915/91 is also known as the Bosch LTC 2915/91

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Bosch LTC 2915/91 (LTC 2915/91)
15-Inch High Resolution Color Monitor 700 TVL with Audio
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