Bosch LTC 2017/60 CCTV Security Monitor

The Bosch LTC 2017/60 has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

A high-quality 17" monochrome monitor.

The Bosch LTC 2017/60 is ideal for remote observation and video applications. Monitor features include a 17" screen, loop through connection, electrical circuits that provide safe guards against interference, noise and changing signal strengths to maintain a clear and stable picture. The monitor housing consists of a robust rectangular metal case which minimizes interference from external signals and allows "stacking" of monitors when used in large numbers. All controls are located on the front panel for easy adjustment of the picture image.

The Bosch LTC 2017/60 is also known as the Bosch LTC 2017/60

LTC 2017/60 Options
Bosch LTC 2017/60 (LTC 2017/60)
17-Inch, Monochrome, 900TVL, 120 VAC and 60Hz