Bosch FlexiDomeXT Surveillance Camera

Vandal Resistant Camera in a Weatherproof Housing

The Bosch FlexiDomeXT line of vandal resistant, fixed dome cameras with varifocal lens options provide the ultimate solution for virtually any indoor and outdoor security application. Providing a full-featured integrated camera in a cast aluminum housing, polycarbonate dome, and hardened inner liner the FlexiDomeXT can withstand the equivalent of 120lbs of force. FlexiDomeXT cameras are also sealed for outdoor use with protection against water and dust to IP66, (NEMA-4) standards.

The Bosch FlexiDomeXT is also known as the Bosch FlexiDomeXT

FlexiDomeXT Options
Bosch FlexiDomeXT (LTC 1463/20)
1/4 inch, 470 TVL Color with 3-6 mm Varifocal
Bosch FlexiDomeXT (LTC 1461/21)
Color, 1/4 inch, 540TVL, 2.8-6 mm and 12VDC/24 VAC
Bosch FlexiDomeXT (VDC455V03/20)
Color camera, flexidome XT, 1/4" 540TVL, 2.8-6 MM, 12VDC/24 VAC
Bosch FlexiDome (NDN-498V03-22IP)
IP FlexiDome 2X Day/Night 1/3" 2.8-10 MM H.264 NTSC PoE IVA
Bosch FlexiDomeXT (LTC 1464/20)
Color camera, flexidome XT, 1/4" replaced by BY LTC 1464/21