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Bosch Eazeo DVR1B1161 Surveillance DVR
Bosch Eazeo DVR1B1161 Surveillance DVR
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Bosch Eazeo DVR1B1161 Surveillance DVR

The Bosch Eazeo DVR1B1161 has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

Uninterrupted recording for over 7 days!

The Bosch Eazeo DVR1B1161 features superior image and through digital recording technology. The Eazeo DVR1B1161 allows quick search by date/time, alarm events and recording list through a user-friendly jog/shuttle control. With the ability to export pictures and clips to Compact Flash cards, uninterrupted recording for one week or longer and the capability to remotely view recording and live pictures with web-based browser, the Eazeo DVR1B1161 is a perfect choice for almost any application.

The Bosch Eazeo DVR1B1161 is also known as the Bosch Eazeo DVR1B1161

Eazeo DVR1B1161 Options
Bosch Eazeo DVR1B1161 (DVR1B1161)
DVR for Observation System - for Color
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