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Bosch DS860 Motion Detector
Bosch DS860 Motion Detector
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Bosch DS860 Motion Detector

Both standard and customized coverage areas in the same detector!

The Bosch DS860 provides with its passive infrared microwave processing excellent catch performance with freedom from false alarms. The surface or corner mount DS860 TriTech PIR/Microwave Detector provides a microwave frequency of 10.525 GHz. The DS860 features artificial intelligence to provide 5 layers of detection including: supervised microwave and PIR & selectable PIR sensitivity plus draft/insect immunity. The DS860 is installation-friendly with 1 standard coverage pattern and 1 optional, plus a full range of vertical and horizontal pointability.

The Bosch DS860 is also known as the Bosch DS860

DS860 Options
Bosch DS860 (DS860)
Dual Microwave/PIR, 60 feet x 60 feet
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