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Bosch DS835i Motion Detector
Bosch DS835i Motion Detector
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Bosch DS835i Motion Detector

The Bosch DS835i has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

Provides immunity to false alarms caused by pets

The Bosch DS835i provides immunity to false alarms caused by pets (one dog up to 100 lbs. / 45 kg, two dogs up to 60 lbs. / 27 kg, or up to 10 cats). Passive infrared and microwave processing provides excellent catch performance with freedom from false alarms. This small unobtrusive detector is simple to install and does not require field adjustments. The surface or corner mount DS835i provides a microwave frequency of 10.525 GHz and a coverage pattern of 35 ft. x 35 ft. (11 m x 11 m).

The Bosch DS835i is also known as the Bosch DS835i

DS835i Options
Bosch DS835i (DS835I)
With Pet Immunity, 35 feet by 35 feet, 100LB per TriTech PIR/Microwave Detector
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