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Bosch CAM940C Surveillance Camera
Bosch CAM940C Surveillance Camera
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Bosch CAM940C Surveillance Camera

Automatically activate the camera with a motion detector!

With small, easy to mount, attractive sensors, the Bosch CAM940C offers selectable sensitivity for installation versatility. The integrated camera is complete with timer and relay outputs for alarm and VCR control. The CAM940C features include full-function PIR & Motion Analyzer II PIR signal processing, a 40 ft. x 40 ft. PIR coverage area with sensitivity adjustment. The CAM940C comes with a color camera with 3.4 Lux light sensitivity that can shoot in NTSC or PAL video format at 330 lines of horizontal resolution, plus the CAM940C's camera can be left on full-time or can be activated via the PIR detector.

The Bosch CAM940C is also known as the Bosch CAM940C

CAM940C Options
Bosch CAM940C (CAM940C)
Color, NTSC, 12VDC Only, 3.6PH Lens
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