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Bosch DS860 Motion Detector

Bosch DS860

The Bosch DS860 provides with its passive infrared microwave processing excellent catch performance with freedom from false alarms. The surface or corner mount DS860 TriTech PIR/Microwave Detector provides a microwave frequency of 10.525 GHz. The...

Bosch DS9370 Series Motion Detector

Bosch DS9370 Series

The Bosch DS9370 Series can be used on ceilings as high as 25 ft. (7.6 m). The combination of passive-infrared (PIR) detection, microwave detection, and advanced signal processing techniques allows TriTech detectors to rapidly respond to human...


Bosch DS938Z Motion Detector

Bosch DS938Z

The Bosch DS938Z is a ceiling-mount, 360 degree passive infrared intrusion detectors that uses Motion Analyzer II to reduce false alarms. The DS938Z is equipped with advanced PIR detection and supervision circuits and is designed to provide an alarm...