Bogen V-HUB Teleconference Phone

The Bogen V-HUB Teleconference Phone has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

DSP-based echo cancellation

The Bogen V-HUB Teleconference Phone is a full-duplex, simultaneous, two-way communication conference phone that provides clean, clear sound for all of teleconferencing needs. It features DSP-based echo cancellation and high-quality speaker for full-duplex audio for true two-way conversations. Other notable characteristics include three microphones, an easy-to-read recessed LCD display, 10 number speed dial, special calling functions and a simple three-step setup process.
V-HUB Teleconference Phone Options
Bogen V-HUB Teleconference Phone (V-HUB)
Conference Phone, DSP-based echo cancellation, Full-Duplex operation, LCD display screen, 10 Number speed dial memory, Flash button for special calling functions, 3 well-positioned microphones