Bogen TP30D Digital Tuner

The Bogen TP30D Digital Tuner has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

PLL synthesized tuning with digital readout

The Bogen TP30D Digital Tuner features a digital PLL synthesizer for precise reception of AM and FM signals. It comes with a RCA jacks for 1 volt stereo output, stereo output and stereo-to-mono cables and quick connect antenna connectors. It also features pushbuttons for program selection and station tuning and a number of preset stations.
TP30D Digital Tuner Options
Bogen TP30D Digital Tuner (TP30D)
AM/FM Tuner, PLL synthesized tuning, 18 FM & 12 AM presets, Stereo output, Quick connect antenna connectors