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Bogen LU30WR70VH Horn
Bogen LU30WR70VH Horn
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Bogen LU30WR70VH Horn

The Bogen LU30WR70VH Horn has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

Produces high sound levels that can cover large, noisy areas

Bogen's LU30WR70VH Horn is capable of covering large, noisy areas. Minimum effective mounting height is 15 feet, 20 feet is preferable. The 70V Suspended Radial Horn Speaker is ideal when a 360-degree sound dispersion pattern is required. Features 30 watts, 300 Hz - 14 kHz frequency range with 360 degrees dispersion. The LU30WR70VH Horn has a sound level of 113 dBspl (@4' on axis). It comes with a metal chain suspension cable which is 10 inches long.
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Bogen LU30WR70VH Horn (LU30WR70VH)
LU30WR70VH Megaphone - 30 W Amplifier - Built-in Amplifier
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