Bogen HFCS1 Speaker

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Wide-dispersion coaxial driver for broad, even coverage

The Bogen HFCS1 Speaker ceiling loudspeaker delivers superior sound in a variety of ceiling environments. The system can be easily installed in hard surfaced ceilings, suspended ceilings and new constructions. HFCS1 Speaker features 16-ohm input for non-transformer multi-speaker systems with wide dispersion coaxial driver for broad, even coverage. HFCS1 Speaker offers selectable power taps via front-mounted control with 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, and 1 options. The system comes with easy-to-install mounting system and snap-on connector for easy wiring. The accessories include a 10 ft. cable kit and tile bridge support ring.
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Bogen (HFCS1LP)
High-Fidelity Ceiling Speaker With Reduced Back Can Depth
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Bogen HFCS1 Speaker (HFCS1)
75W, 16 ohms, 89 dBspl sensitivity, 65 Hz to 19 kHz, White
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