Bogen GA6A Amplifier Public Address Device

The GA6A Amplifier is a rugged six-watt, dual-input audio amplifier with a wide variety of smaller applications including background music, relaying communication from one room to another, or sound reinforcement. The GA6A Amplifier delivers rated power at not more than 1% total harmonic distortion from 75-15,000 Hz into transformer-coupled or direct low-impedance loads. Inputs for a low-impedance balanced dynamic microphone and an auxiliary audio source (tuner, tape deck, etc.) can be mixed. Individual front-panel controls regulate the level of each input. Connections for 8-ohm and 25V or 70V speaker lines are provided on the rear panel output terminal strip. A 3-position switch is supplied to provide +9 dB boost, -9 dB cut at 10 kHz or flat response.
GA6A Amplifier Options
Bogen GA6A Amplifier (GA6A)
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