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Bluebird Mobile Handheld Computer

Bluebird is the innovator and global manufacturer of industrial handheld computers, tablets and mobile payment devices, with more than 3,000 customers in over 120 countries. From secure mobile payments to workforce automation and customer engagement, Bluebird's broad product portfolio spans across all markets, connecting people to information, wherever they need it.

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Bluebird Mobile Handheld Computer Bluebird Mobile Handheld Computer
Bluebird RFID Reader Bluebird RFID Reader
Bluebird Tablet Computer Bluebird Tablet Computer

All Bluebird Products

Bluebird EF400 Mobile Handheld Computer

Bluebird EF400

The EF400 is a 4-inch pocket sized touch mobile computer. It is more compact and durable with 1.8m drop durability. It fits comfortably in your pocket while delivering true mobility, functionality and durability imperatively necessary for daily...

$666.70 to $921.50

Bluebird EF500/EF500R Mobile Handheld Computer

Bluebird EF500/EF500R

The EF500 and EF500R are true masterpieces that captures the essence of all touch technology. This mission critical, touch mobile computers bring mobility and ruggedness for daily business use. Its sleek ergonomic design gives comfort for user even...

$671.70 to $1,691.20

Bluebird ET100 Tablet Computer

Bluebird ET100

The ET100 is meticulously crafted inside and out. It"s completely resistant to dust, protected against jets of water and is able to survive multiple impact-damage from drops and tumbling. Be assured knowing that every component has been tested...


Bluebird RFR900 RFID Reader

Bluebird RFR900

RFR900 combines high-speed reading with the ability to read over 600 tags per second with an extended reading distance of up to six meters. In addition, RFR900 is able to store over 40,000 RFID tags in batch mode. RFR900 enables you to add long...

$955.70 to $980.40

Bluebird RT100 Tablet Computer

Bluebird RT100

RT100 incorporates Bluebird"s proprietary TankSmith technology that has been tested for maximum reliability in tough, industrial environments. It features a 1.2m (4 ft.) drop specification (1.5m (5 ft.) with Rugged Plug) and an IP65 rating that...

$880.40 to $1,656.60

Bluebird ST100 Tablet Computer

Bluebird ST100

The ST100 is a tablet meant to be used in a retail environment or other customer facing situations where durability is not a necessity. The ST100"s 10.1-inch multi-touch display, is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 that is exceptionally...

Bluebird Service Contract

$44.70 to $698.40

Bluebird Accessories

Bluebird BI-300 - Discontinued.

Bluebird BI-500 - Discontinued.

Bluebird BIP-1300 - Discontinued.

Bluebird BIP-1300 RFID - Discontinued.

Bluebird BIP-1500 - Discontinued.

Bluebird BIP-1500 RFID - Discontinued.

Bluebird BIP-1530 - Discontinued.

Bluebird BIP-1530 RFID - Discontinued.

Bluebird BIP-5000 - Discontinued.

Bluebird BIP-6000 - Discontinued.

Bluebird BIP-6000 RFID - Discontinued.

Bluebird BIP-7000 - Discontinued.

Bluebird BM-170 - Discontinued.

Bluebird HM40 - Discontinued.

Bluebird HM50 - Discontinued.

Bluebird BP50 - Discontinued.

Bluebird BP70 - Discontinued.

Bluebird BP80 - Discontinued.

Bluebird BIP6000-MaxId - Discontinued.

Bluebird BM180 - Discontinued.

Bluebird BP30 - Discontinued.

Bluebird SF550 - Discontinued.

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