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BCI StockPerson In-A-Box Inventory Management - StockPerson In-A-Box, Inventory Management, Includes: Motorola MC55A Mobile Computer and RedBeam Inventory Tracking Software.
Comprehensive Solutions for Inventory Management

StockPerson In-a-Box, Inventory Management makes inventory tracking easy. Track item levels and movements, and take physical inventories or cycle counts using this comprehensive inventory tracking application and a Motorola MC55. Ideal for tracking inventory levels and item movements in stockrooms, small warehouses, and within departments of larger organizations. This solution allows users to track what is on the shelf and when to order more, take periodic physical inventories or cycle counts, easily receive, move, and issue inventory items using existing manufacturer barcodes, and track item information including item ID, serial number, lot number, expiration date, item type, cost, stock min/max, and more! All transactions are date/time stamped and will show who performed the transaction through role-based user security to ensure accountability.

Brand BCI
Model Stock Person In-a-Box

Customer Review Summary

The BCI IB-STKIT-A0L1-1U is also known as IB-STKIT-A0L1-1U or IBSTKITA0L11U .