Baracoda DualRunners Laser RFID Reader

The Baracoda DualRunners Laser has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

A 2-in-1 reader/encoder

The Baracoda DualRunners Laser RFID reader has an intuitive user interface, using the same button to switch it on, connect and scan data. A Multi color LED display shows the connection and battery status while audible beeps indicate successful scans. When the Baracoda DualRunners Laser is connected to a host, scanned data is transmitted in real time to that host. Barcodes are stored in internal memory until they are acknowledged by the application. If you scan data out of the radio range, they will be stored in memory and automatically downloaded when getting back into range.
DualRunners Laser Options
Baracoda DualRunners Laser (BDR-LA)
Handheld RFID Encoder Laser Scan