Baracoda DualRunners 1D RFID Reader

The Baracoda DualRunners 1D has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

Dedicated to traceability in mobile environments

The Baracoda DualRunners 1D barcode scanner/RFID reader has a slick design, is small and lightweight (fits neatly in one hand and can be easily attached to a belt via the key retractable reel accessory). The DualRunners 1D is very reliable, efficient and durable. DualRunners 1D with its 3 mm of plastic casing protected by an additional layer of elastomer and the optional protective boot, is particularly adapted to harsh environments and remains fully functional even after multiple drops on to concrete.
DualRunners 1D Options
Baracoda DualRunners 1D (BDR-L)
CMOS Linear Scanner Handheld RFID