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Baracoda Barcode Scanner

Baracoda supplies a wide range of Bluetooth barcode devices and adapters that enable multiple applications with PCs, Mac, POS, PDAs, Terminals, Mobile Phones, robot and LAN networks. Combining a unique expertise in automatic identification and Bluetooth wireless technology, Baracoda provides its clients and partners with innovative, reliable and competitive solutions. Baracoda's R&D mission is dedicated to constantly improving the quality of its products, and extending its catalogue and product line to include the best in both standard and innovative technologies.

Baracoda Parts

Products and parts from Baracoda.

Baracoda DualRunners 1D - Discontinued.

Baracoda DualRunners 2D - Discontinued.

Baracoda DualRunners Laser - Discontinued.

Baracoda TagRunner Series - Discontinued.

Baracoda RoadRunner Series - Discontinued.

Baracoda ToughRunner Series - Discontinued. Replaced by the Baracoda RoadRunner Series

Baracoda orKan Series - Discontinued.

Baracoda D-Fly 2 - Discontinued.

Baracoda Pencil 2 Series - Discontinued.

Baracoda Dongle Series - Discontinued.

Baracoda ScanWear Series - Discontinued. Replaced by the Motorola RS507 Ring Imager

Baracoda D-Fly Series - Discontinued. Replaced by the Baracoda D-Fly 2

Baracoda orKan RFID - Discontinued.

Baracoda i-Fly - Discontinued.

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