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Axis 240Q Network/IP Video Server

Axis 240Q

The AXIS 240Q Video Server provides easy integration with traditional analog systems, ensuring a smooth migration toward an IP solution. The AXIS 240Q digitizes analog video into crisp, real-time Motion JPEG video streams at a maximum frame rate of...

Axis 241Q Network/IP Video Server

Axis 241Q

The AXIS 241 Video Servers are designed to migrate your analog investments into high-performance IP solutions, ideal for surveillance and remote monitoring. The AXIS 241Q Video Server accommodates four analog video streams.

Axis 247S Network/IP Video Server

Axis 247S

The AXIS 247S Video Server is a high-performance, single channel video encoder for integrating an analog camera into an IP-based video surveillance system. The compact AXIS 247S is ideal for distributed installation close to the analog camera, where...

Axis Q7401 Video Encoder

Axis Q7401 Video Encoder

The AXIS Q7401 Video Encoder is a high performance, single channel solution that integrates an analog camera into an IP-based video surveillance system. With outstanding video processing capabilities, AXIS Q7401 delivers superb video quality and...