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Axis 209FD-R Network Surveillance Camera

The Axis 209FD-R Network has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

The AXIS 209FD-R Network Camera is a compact, rugged network camera designed specifically for the tough environments found in mass transit vehicles. Its durable transparent cover provides excellent protection against dust, humidity and vibrations. The AXIS 209FD-R Network Camera is designed to be easy to install, and to remain securely in place over time, withstanding the tough and changing conditions in a bus or train. It ensures a robust construction that can withstand these conditions without premature wear and tear. The small built-in heater takes care of any moisture and thereby eliminates condensation on the lens or cover.
209FD-R Network Options
Axis 209FD Network (0275-004)
Flat, discreet camera for indoor video surveillance