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Axicon 7025-S Verifier
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Axicon 7025-S Verifier

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Premium Accuracy Continous Scanning Verifier For Medium To Large Sized BarCodes

The is designed for all barcodes where a 10 or 20mil aperture is mandatory (such as UCC/EAN-128 and ITF-14), up to 7.68" (195 mm) width including quiet zones. The simple to use design reduces user error and eliminates product damage while providing the highest level of accuracy achievable for verification. The "S" range of Axicon verifiers have a "Continuous Scan" feature.
7025-S Options
Axicon 7025-S (7025-S)
Continuous scanning verifier for 1D linear barcodes up to 7.6" (USB2)
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Axicon 7025-S (V7025Sc)
6025-S/7025-S combination kit for continuous scanning
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Axicon V7025S-IP (V7025S-IP65)
IP65 Rated 1D linear verifier for continuous scanning (totally sealed against all dust ingress and sealed against low pressure water spray from all directions).
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