Axicon 12700 Verifier

For 2D barcodes and the smaller linear barcodes.

The Axicon 12700 2D barcode verifier is one of the 12000 series from 12700. It is designed to give consistent accurate results on a wide range of both linear and 2D barcodes up to a maximum size of 71 mm x 50 mm (including light margins). All barcodes are measured to the latest ISO/ANSI and GS1 standards. With its nominal 5mil aperture that can be adjusted as appropriate to suit the barcode, the Axicon 12700 is suitable for all barcodes with an x dimension greater than 180 microns and up to a maximum physical size of 71 mm x 50 mm and suitable for QR Codes.
12700 Options
Axicon 12700 (12700)
2D Barcode Verifier - Plus 2.75" w x 2" high FOV