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Wireless & Our Health

Wireless & Health

Cell phones use wireless technology created by radio waves, which are on the lowest level of the electromagnetic wave spectrum. While most waves are propelled forward by molecular action, electromagnetic waves create energy by moving electric and magnetic fields back and forth. It has long been disputed whether large doses of these waves and the fields creating them are safe to humans.

Wireless Public Health Concerns

Communication devices such as cell phones, global positioning systems, and computers all use wireless technology. It is estimated that over one million people worldwide use cell phones and that over three quarters of the earth is considered under the blanket of wireless technology. This means that most of the planet is subject to radio waves apart from natural radio and electromagnetic wave fields. Scientists and other community health working groups regularly address radiation exposure to provide information so people can make informed decisions regarding wireless technology.

Electromagnetic Fields and Public Health Fact sheet from the World Health Organization International, which discusses health concerns such as cancer and public risk perceptions.

Ask the Scientist: Radiation and Health Several scientists answer a thirteen year old girl’s concerns about the effects of wireless radiation on her body.

Where’s Wireless? Check out NASA’s site showing where wireless is on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Photo of Wireless Get a better sense of where wireless devices lie on the electromagnetic spectrum for a visual sense of what is prompting the health concerns.

Limiting Exposure to Radiation How to limit your cell phone radiation risk, the top ten safest cell phones,

Research on Health Effects of Wireless

Studies have shown that electromagnetic fields from wireless towers have coincided with clusters of people with like health issues such as headaches, bone pain, and cancer. Research continues as technology advances and the earth becomes more subject to wireless energy, especially children.

The BioInitiative Report Research report from the bioinitiative working group that documents electromagnetic field exposure and illness in order to create an international wireless standard.

Wireless LAN Studies Discusses forty years of research on wireless health effects as well as a question and answer section as well as the scientific standard for wireless.

Wireless and Health White paper from Motorola, a longtime communications company, defining wireless technology and its ionizing and non-ionizing radiation and its effects on health.

Children’s Health and Radiation The Environmental Working Group’s 2009 report addressing cell phone radiation standards, cancer health concerns for children, types of phones and government action regarding health standards.

Wifi Symptoms Report lists known symptoms of possible wireless overexposure and what consumers can do to reduce radiation risk.

Biological Effects and Health Consequences Regarding high-frequency elec tromagnetic fields.

Q & A: Cancer and Electromagnetism The National Cancer Institute weighs in on the health debate regarding wireless technology and electromagnetic fields that may or may not produce such illness as cancer.

Cell Phone Safety The American Cancer Society mandates that more research is needed regarding cell phone exposure and illness.

Mobile Phone Study South Korean study finds that research results may be skewed dependent on who conducted the study and how the study was conducted.

Government Guidelines

The U.S. government poses guidelines regarding communication device exposure and their safe radiation emitting limits in respect to occupational and personal exposure. Guidelines remain fluid, changing as technology changes.

Cell Phone Exposure Limits FCC limits on mobile phone usage, approximation to body.

Wireless Telecommunications FCC Latest wireless news, databases, rules, regulations, and outreach programs.

OSHA Document Links Links to research agendas by the World Health Organization, the EPA, and by radiation source.

Miscellaneous Wireless Facts

June 2009 Wireless Facts: U.S. Subscriber, wireless penetration, E911 calls, and miscellaneous data.

Wireless Tower Locator and Databases Comprehensive FCC wireless databases includes towers, airport information and amateur radio; site is updated daily.

Terms Wireless glossary.

FDA Role in Cell Phone Safety The Food and Drug Administration only intervenes when there is documented proof of health issues regarding cellular devices.

Cell Phone SARS Radiation specific absorption rates by brand and other general information.

How Cell Phones Work What is a cell phone and how does it work and what applications does it provide?

Wireless Learning Guide Protocols, wireless defined, geared toward the IT professional, but very readable.

Wireless History Timeline, key players, standards and effects on society.