Why Use a Wireless Barcode Scanner?

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What type of barcode are you scanning?

Barcode scanners have evolved over the years including a handheld variety that came out years ago. The next step was a new iteration of and those with . These scanners are much more convenient than the handheld barcode scanners because they are not restricted by a cord and can travel greater distance than most cords would allow.

The traditional wireless barcode scanner works much like a cordless phone. The scanner itself communicates with a base. The base is connected to the computer and also has the job of charging the scanner so it doesn’t run out of power. This technology allows employees to use the wireless barcode scanner without having to remain next to the computer.

Wireless scanners now even come with Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth technology is commonly used in cell phones and other electronics for wireless connections. Using a wireless scanner with this technology allows the scanner to communicate with a variety of products as long as they are also equipped with the Bluetooth. This can include the base that comes with the scanner or the computer itself.

How Wireless Barcode Scanner Manages Inventory

The benefits of using a wireless barcode scanner include managing your and inventory wirelessly. You can save time and money but having your technology manage inventory and be less prone to error. Implementing a wireless barcode system will not only save time and money; but will allow for easier transactions as they can travel further. Bulky items can be difficult to scan making a wireless scanner ideal.

When shopping for a wireless barcode scanner you will have many choices. The key is finding one that is right both for your wallet and for your needs. Contact a Barcodes Inc expert today to help with your barcode scanning and inventory control needs.