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The Ultimate Hieroglyphic Numbers Resource Page

Many people are familiar with hieroglyphics. They are pictures that were drawn to represent things. Instead of writing out a word, a symbol is drawn. Ancient Egypt’s hieroglyphic system is extensive. Hieroglyphics were often carved into walls or painted onto pots.

Egypt’s mathematics system used a base-10 number system because that was the number of fingers people had. As they used symbols to represent numbers, they had special symbols for each factor of 10 – 1, 10, 100, 1,000, etc – and each symbol was based off of something. Number one was an upraised finger, number 10 was a curved horseshoe, 100 was a curved rope, and 1,000 was a lotus flower.

Egyptian hieroglyphic numbers aren’t all that different from regular numbers. They were just symbols that represented numbers too large to count on one’s own fingers.