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Things You Can Track With a Barcode Scanner

The sky is the limit when it comes to the many uses of a barcode scanner and barcode technology. It all started years ago with a grocery retail store and has expanded into countless arenas in the business world. Retail, inventory, data and even people …. All are markets that use barcode scanners and barcode technology.

  1. The retail industry – Every facet of the retail business benefits from a barcode scanner. Think about the process of getting a product from the grower or manufacturer to your home. Farmers harvest their product, like corn or wheat that is eventually loaded onto shipping containers. Sometimes, these containers are shipped either via a big truck or railroad. Barcodes are used in this instance in tracking where this raw product goes. The same principle applies for products made in a factory. Each individual item being shipped to retail stores have barcodes these days. Barcode scanners keep an accurate track of where things are.

  2. Corporate or Business Offices – Internal tracking of assets has never been simpler with the integration of the barcode scanner. Capital items for businesses like manufacturing plants can give barcodes to their equipment in tracking of assets. Offices can put barcodes on their laptop computers and other equipment to ensure that a light fingered employee doesn’t filch something. A barcode scanner works wonders in this environment with auditing.

  3. Inventory and Logistics Management – With a miniscule margin of error, barcodes offer a virtually mistake-free process of logging products and keeping track of how much of which item you have. With a barcode scanner process, it is easy to run reports from these barcode scans that will at a glance give managers and the powers-that-be the answers they need quickly and efficiently.

  4. Processing and Delivering Orders – In the service industry, the customer is always right. Therefore, many times businesses have had to eat the costs of screw-ups due to human error. Just picture a ordering wood products for a one of a kind carpentry project at a construction site. These products are non-returnable. Just the slip of one finger hitting the wrong key processing an order can make all the difference. Barcode scanning eliminates that margin of error.

  5. Corporate Security – A barcode scanner has been used a lot for security issues. In the management of people within a high security environment, you want to make sure that no strangers off the street can just waltz into a place of business. That is why many employees who work in secure environments have their own security cards that are read by a barcode scanner. Only card holders would be able to enter the business, thus facilitating better security measures.

There are many more uses of a barcode scanner and barcode technology than the ones listed above. Even small mom and pop businesses use the barcode these days. It just makes good business sense to incorporate the barcode scanner. Reliability of data, a streamlined operation, better customer service and increased security measures are but a few of the benefits that come from using barcode technology.