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Student Resources: Math and Science Quiz Prep

Math and Science Quiz Prep

Although many students believe that math and science are not important, they may be surprised to learn how many careers actually depend on this knowledge to be successful. Auto mechanics, chefs, firefighters, and medical lab technicians are just a few that rely on computer science or math to get the job done. Parents and teachers can help make learning fun by providing students with educational games and activities in these two subjects.

Below are great resources which provide tips for students and parents on ways to improve on math and science grades. Students can also use these links to play educational science and math games online.

  • Helping your child learn math – This website provides a lot of valuable information on ways parents can help their child learn math in the home, at the grocery store, and many other ways.
  • Ask Dr. Math – This website is great for parents and students to search for answers to previously asked math questions or ask one of their own.
  • Basic math practice – This website provides practice for basic math skills as well as algebra and geometry.
  • mathematical Applets – This website provides games for students to play which help make learing fun. Games are for levels of basic math up to college level learning.
  • mathematic lessons – This website is all about making learning fun by providing easy to understand math activities for students as well as resources for parents and teachers.
  • Word problems for kids – This website provides practice word problems for kids from grade five to grade twelve.
  • AAA math – This is a great website the provides interactive math lessons from addition to statistics. Students can also practice spelling, states, and world nations.
  • All elementary mathematics – This website is designed to help kids study math without leaving home. They can find help from basic arithmetic to analytic geometry.
  • Energy kids – This website will help students learn what energy is, about energy sources, how to use and save energy, the history of energy as well as play energy related games.
  • Human body – This website teaches children about the brain, the skeleton, and the senses by using fun, interactive activities.
  • Jefferson lab – This website has a kids zone in which students can learn about atoms, the table of elements, or take a virtual tour. There are also games and puzzles for them to play.
  • Quia – This website provides help on every subject from math and science to agriculture and keyboarding. You simply choose a topic to refine your search and then you are provided with links which will provide more in-depth information on the subject.
  • Enature– This is a great website students can use to learn about everything nature involves.
  • Cool Science – This website will provide all the facts and fun involved in science and is a learning experience all ages will enjoy.
  • Kids gardening – This website is a great resource for students and parents in which they can learn the science behind gardening.
  • Sea and Sky – This website provides fun and informative articles about celestial objects, an astronomy reference guide, and science games to help children learn.
  • National Agricultural Library – This website provides resources for kids and teens which will help them better understand science and agriculture.
  • NASA – The NASA website has a lot of great information for students of all ages.
  • Elementary math games – This website provides fun math games for elementary students up to students in the eighth grade.
  • CyberKidz – CyberKidz has fun educational games from math to arts and music. This website is designed for children ranging from age four to age eleven.
  • Math Playground – Math playground is a place for elementary and middle school students to play math games, solve logic puzzles, and have fun while learning.
  • Smartr – This website provides activities, games, and simulations on both math and science school subjects. It’s great for students in elementary and middle school.
  • Practice tests – This website provides practice tests for a long list of school tests including the SAT and ACT.
  • – This website provides tips and advice for students and parents on how to prepare for major tests.
  • Tutor4Exam – Here students can take an SAT practice test.
  • ThatQuiz – Here students can take practice quizzes on multiple math subjects as well as vocabulary and geography.
  • EduPlace – Here students from first grade to sixth grade can practice for math tests and play math related games.
  • Hooda Math – This is a great resource for students, parents, and teachers. Students can play math games, complete worksheets, and watch math videos.
  • SumDog – This website provides fun math games for ages nine through thirteen.
  • AplusMath – This website provide interactive activities to help students improve their math skills.
  • Math Central – Math central provides resources for parents, teachers, and students. Students can gain insight on careers available for mathematicians as well.
  • Ask Dr. Universe – This website provides answers to scientific questions such as how do we sleep and why we sleep and more.
  • BrainPop – This website offers many different health and science related games and activities for students.
  • Amusement Park Physics – This website provides students with an interactive way to explore the laws of physics behind amusement park rides.