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Science And Technology News

It is important for the scientist to be able to obtain science and technology news from reliable sources; the more comprehensive the better. Scientists have an insatiable need to know what is going on in the world around them. They need to know what is going on in their field, what new discoveries are being made, and what the latest advances are. Scientists also want people to know what they are working on and what progress they are making. Scientists are not isolated islands of knowledge, but an intricate web of knowledge and information that needs to be shared, researched, and discovered.

Instead of pouring over numerous printed journals and journal websites searching for specific research areas, science and technology news websites have opened up portals into up to date results from universities and research institutions. Results that would have taken months to make it into paper published journals. The internet has opened up information to people who would normally not have access to the latest scientific research information.

For science and technology news that appeals to general readers and scientists visit Science News. Science news started in print in 1922 as the magazine of the Society for Science and the Public. The magazine now offers a bi weekly printed magazine and a website updated daily. The website covers issues ranging from up to date research in all areas of science. The Society for Science and the Public also has a website for children who are interested in the sciences called Science News For Kids .

Another source of daily updates devoted to research news in the science, technology and medicine field is the Science Daily. This website delivers science and technology news that journalists use to find up to date information directly from its source. Sources include news bureaus, public affair offices of universities and research institutions.

Science magazine's website is a reliable global source of scientific news and ranks among the highest cited research. The website is built on the tradition and reputation of the print magazines history dating back to 1880. The magazine provides full journal texts, reports, and articles all contained within a searchable database.

The science express website contains more up to date information weeks in advance of publication.

Science Now website offers breaking news daily.

Science American magazine provides readers updates in science and technology news, and also has a career board.

Popular Science offers up to date science and technology news. The news also includes a scientific spin on Hollywood stories.

Eureka! This website uses technology to gather the latest up to date science articles on the web.

The National Institutes of Health News and Events website.

Government Technology Magazine . This magazine is the information source for the United States Government on information technology. provides information from participating agencies on science information and research results.