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Scan and Go: Barcode Scanners for Business

The barcode dates back to an idea presented in the early 1930’s. It has been refined over the decades, but its current form has been largely unchanged since the 1970’s. A barcode scanner assists a business owner or cashier in the collection of barcode data for general consumer goods as well as warehouse inventories. Barcode scanners are also utilized extensively in shipping and postal service applications.

When a delivery truck pulls up to your house, a barcode scanner allows the sender to track the shipment.

Barcode scanners have gone ultra hi-tech and applications of barcode technology are now being linked with a PDA using Bluetooth technology.

Many smaller businesses will utilize the pen barcode scanner. This scanner allows users to simply drag a pen like wand across a barcode to track the merchandise either coming into the system or being sold to a consumer.

The days of the cash register are mostly a memory although you will find some die hard businesses that still utilize the simple form of cash management. However, for those who upgrade to scanning technology a whole new world of possibilities open up that allow them to track items much more efficiently. The use of barcode scanners in conjunction with Point of Sale (POS) software can also allow a business to better serve customers by making them aware of other items that may work well with a purchase. For instance, when scanning a clothing item in a retail store, the POS software may alert you to common accessories that may compliment the purchase – the end result is typically a larger sale and a customer who left with the sense that you really cared about making sure they were satisfied.

A barcode scanner eliminates the need for multiple and often errant keyboard data entries. It also increases the speed with which you are able to allow customers to venture home with their new purchase. The styles of barcode scanners and specific needs of business can be readily addressed with a competent sale professional.